Text Marketing

The first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning is check their phone. Because of this, text message marketing is a powerful tool to keep in touch with your current customers. Text messages are far more effective than email because they’re more personal. With email, people get so much of it every day, so it’s easy for your email ad to get skipped over or deleted altogether. With text messages, your advertisement has a much better chance of being seen because people are always checking their phone.

An advantage to text message marketing is only people who want to receive offers are advertised to. This is good for both of you because it allows you to provide relevant offers or news to your loyal customers and ensures that they aren’t getting unwanted advertisements.

Text message marketing works using keywords. A customer sends a text message with a keyword like “save” to a short-code number like 75467. By texting the keyword, they are now opted-in for text message marketing. Once someone opts-in they can start receiving text message offers from you. You can send text messages with coupons and discounts or notify your customers about upcoming sales and events.

This type of marketing allows you to keep track of how many people are using the offers you send them. If you use a unique offer for your text marketing plan, when people come in with that offer then you’ll know it worked.

Unified Media Marketing Group can help you decide whether text marketing is right for your business. We’ll help you decide on a marketing strategy and take care of sending out your text offers. All you have to do is give us the wording of the offer and we’ll take care of the rest.