Mobile Websites

Over half of people on the web are using mobile devices. People live busy lives and expect to get what they need as fast as possible. It’s important to make sure your website is accessible no matter what device people are using

On the left you have a website that’s not mobile friendly. When you view it from a mobile device, the text is too small to read without zooming in and the navigation menu on the left is too small for the average finger to accurately use. On the right is a mobile friendly website. As you can see, the text is larger and easier to read, images are a good size and fit the width of the device and the navigation menu is optimized.

Your goal is to create a mobile friendly website that is both functional but simple to use on a mobile device. Most websites on a PC are in three-column format. Mobile websites are generally a one-column design. Because of this the user scrolls vertically to see all of the content on the page. A mobile website gives you the advantage of being found in mobile searches and also gives you a plus to people viewing your website on a mobile device. A professional looking mobile website can help convert more leads into customers.

Unified Media Marketing Group can create professional, user-friendly mobile sites to suit any business. With our services you can get an entire site designed for PC and mobile or we can take your existing site and make it mobile-friendly. Either way having a mobile-friendly website can help ensure you don’t lose potential page views from search engines. Call us today to find out more.