Fax Marketing

Fax marketing is a good way to get your message into your target audience’s hands. The main use of fax marketing is to advertise to other businesses. This works especially well for businesses like restaurants where you may want to let people know what your lunch specials for the day are. It may seem like fax marketing is old technology, and it is, but it is still an extremely effective form of advertising. At Unified Media Marketing Group, we’re able to help you create an effective fax campaign and directly deliver your message to the hands of your target audience.

You may be asking why fax marketing works. The answer is simple. Most people think that fax marketing is old technology so they’ve opted to use more advanced forms of advertising such as email, text messaging, or social media. The problem is that people get all kinds of email advertisements every single day. More often than not, people won’t receive a single fax advertisement. This alone makes it an effective marketing tool because you’re doing something that the competition is not.

One of the biggest advantages of fax marketing is the fact that your advertisement is almost guaranteed to be seen at some point. Instead of email marketing where your advertisement may be ignored or deleted, in order for someone to get rid of your fax advertisement, they must remove the paper from the tray which means they’ll see it for at least a few seconds. Those few seconds could be all it takes to turn a lead into a customer.

Unified MMG can help you create your fax campaign and send it out for you. We can design the template for your flyer or if you already have one created we can use that as well. Since everything is done online, it creates an efficient way of fax marketing and allows many customers to be reached at once. Give us a call today and get your message delivered to the hands of your customers.