Digital Marketing

Unified Media Marketing Group is a full service digital marketing and advertising agency that specializes in website designs, website optimization and social media marketing. We embrace remote work technology that allows us to work with the best talent in the world without any hassles. We don’t just focus on getting traffic to your website, but the kind that brings profit at your doorstep. We hold ourselves accountable so we have to earn your business every time and create a long-term relation that helps your business grow, in turn we grow with you.

Our analysts and strategists offer strategic plans as distinctive as our creative ideas. They constantly mine insights from the unprecedented technological shifts in communication that we are living with today. Insights about the ever-expanding digital opportunities that can help your business to boost. Insights about understanding your consumers—who they are; when and why they’re online; which web, mobile, or social channel they prefer the most; and what they’re searching for. Insights about how we can build meaningful online experiences across multiple channels that help your customers quickly find what they’re looking for, resulting in business success for you.

In the digital realm, the lines between media placement and creative concept are constantly being blurred. Whereas traditional approaches allowed that creative could be developed independently of placement, Enlighten recognized a long time back that media strategy and creative development created in tandem can produce better optimized results. As a digital marketing agency in Michigan, we believe the best recipe for success is an understanding of your objectives, coupled with strong negotiation skills.

Our digital advertising and marketing agency and its team figures out how, when and where to reach consumers in the most relevant environment for our clients. It needs integrating media in the creative process, optimizing the digital marketing mix and developing attribution models to measure the expenditure – all at once.

Successful online planning isn’t just about getting eyeballs. It’s about getting the right ones to notice you with the right message at the right time. So we combine search engine marketing (SEM), paid social and display media into one team, which helps us plan, initiate and work on plans which will provide optimum benefits for your business. We offer variety of digital advertising and Marketing Services in Michigan – we have our own team of analysts, strategists and content developers who comes up with the best campaigns for the growth of your brand name. We take care of all spheres in Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, Press Release & Search Engines Article writing.

So if you are looking for a company that can deliver superior solutions at a pocket-friendly cost, we believe that you have found your company. We are totally committed to work for your business growth and we go the extra mile to satisfy our clients in every possible way.