Business Listings

If your target audience consists of local customers, business listings are extremely important for your visibility. Local business listings can ensure that when people search for your business, they’ll get accurate information from your address to your phone number.

This is what a typical search will bring up when someone searches for your business.

As you can see, when a search was made for Unified Media Marketing Group the results provided a link to the website as well as some options to look at Google reviews or go to the Google+ page. Listed is the address and phone information. On the right side of the page you can see a map showing the exact location as well as the same address, phone number, and business hours. Making sure that these items show the correct information is important to ensure that your customers can contact you. Having the wrong address or phone number listed could make your business seem amateurish and you could lose out on business.

Google and other search engines pull your business information directly from your website. Making sure everything is listed correctly on your site can help ensure Google is showing users the correct information about your business. If something is in error, it is possible to submit the correct information to Google and they’ll update it. Unified MMG can handle everything for you. We’ll make sure that the contact information on your website is accurate. We’ll also check to see if the local business search results are returning accurate information about your business. If anything is incorrect we can make the corrections for you. Call us today to see where you stand locally.