Have you ever thought about having your very own blog? Chances are some of your competitors already have a blog. In any case, a blog is a terrific idea for your marketing strategy for many reasons. One reason is that blogs are good for your website’s SEO if you decide to make your blog part of your site. Search engines rank websites higher that have a lot of good quality original content and a blog is a great way to regularly provide new content.

Blogs also allow you to keep in touch with your customers. Since most blogs allow for comments, your customers can directly reply to your blog post which makes it easy to continue building a relationship with your customers. Updating a blog as much as once a day or even as little as once a week allows you to promote your business to your customers and keep people updated.

Just like articles, blogs allow you to show that you’re an expert in your industry and within time you could become the go to source for information regarding subjects related to your business. Blogging allows for people to share what you’ve written. This is fantastic for your marketing because the more people that share your blog posts, the more attention you’ll get.

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